The 2019 event was composed of over 100 student presentations covering a wide variety of research topics including trauma in high school students, gender roles via Instagram, and how socioeconomic adversity affects brain development in children. With the addition of the fast-moving Three Minute Thesis presentations, the event was exciting, educational, and fun.


3MT Winners –
1st Monika Lind
2nd Haisu Huang
3rd Xiang Li
People’s Choice Tamara Niella


Panel Winners –

Maple Reentering the community after incarceration
Oak Ontogeny: the process of becoming
Swindells The journey of a refugee

Poster Winners –

Oriana Chafe
Hayden Rensch
Seyed Pooyah Razavi Ghahfarokhi
Omoshola Aleru
Milntra Raksachat
Gina Williamson
Alejandra Garcia Isaza
Celia Caffery

People’s Choice
Lindsey Romero


The 2018 event attracted student presentations covering a range of research topics including stress and coping in humans and related species, ethics in the digital age, and how socioeconomic adversity affects brain development in children. With the addition of the fast-moving Three Minute Thesis presentations, the event was lively, interesting, and fun.


– Poster Winners  –
Daniel O’Hara
Arash Dayani
Gina Williamson
Cameron Johnson
Soheil Jamshidi
Claire Guidinger
Joscha Klueppel
Lauren Witherspoon
Maria Schweer-Collins

People’s Choice Posters
Heather Leonard
Maria Schweer-Collins

– 3MT Final Winners  –
Camille Cioffi
Sarah Donaldson
Caleb Holt

People’s Choice 3MT
Camille Cioffi

– Panel Winners (Oak Room)  –
Karikarn Chansiri
Mark Hammond
Aleksandria Perez Grabow
Kaitlin O’Brien

– Panel Winners (Maple Room)  – 
Billy Dean Goehring
Angie Michaiel
Sarah Stednitz



3MT Winners –
1st Saul Propp
2nd Manujinda Wathugala
3rd Annie Caruso


Panel Winners –

Performative Lady Power
Water in the Pacific Northwest, Past and Future

Poster Winners –

Sarah Stednitz
HyeonJin Yoon
Soheil Jamshidi
Nicole Moss
Matthew Napolitano
Kaitlin O’Brien
Maria Schweer-Collins
Becky Lawrence

People’s Choice was a tie!
Matthew Napolitano
Kate Hammarback


2016 Grad Forum Program
In 2016 more than 100 graduate students came together to present, network and compete for prizes. The 7th annual Grad Forum was centered around four themes that highlighted graduate student work from multiple disciplines: Crossing Borders, Crossing Cultures, Crossing Frontiers; Breaking New Ground in the Sciences; Challenges for a New Generation of Leaders; and In Our Own Backyard. The event featured 13 interdisciplinary panel sessions, two 5-minute blitz sessions, and a two-hour poster session, followed by a reception at the Barn Light. Twenty-seven graduate students received awards of $250 per person.

Around the O recapped the Grad Forum Poster Session with an article and video showcasing the breadth of research being done by grad students on our campus. And, read student reactions to the 2016 Grad Forum on the Language Teaching Studies Blog.


Panel Winners – 

1. Crossing Borders, Crossing Cultures, Crossing Frontiers Panel – “South Asia: Cracking Open the Black Boxes of Law, Democracy, Infrastructure, and Governance,” Sarah Hamid, Media Studies; Patrick Jones, Media Studies; Lindsay Massara, Law and International Studies; and Tariq Rahman, International Studies.

2. Breaking New Ground in the Sciences Panel – “Stress and Coping,” Kelsey Kuperman, Counseling Psychology; Erica Midttveit, Human Physiology; and Kristen Reinhardt, Psychology.

3. Challenges for a New Generation of Leaders Panel – “Adapting to New Trends in Policy and Technology,” Matthew Pittman, Media Studies; Rory Isbell, Law and Community and Regional Planning; Derek Moscato, Media Studies; and Aleksandria Perez Grabow, Counseling Psychology.

4. In Our Own Backyard Panel – “Social Determinants of Neurobiology and Stress,” Ryan Giuliano, Psychology; Erik Knight, Psychology; Melissa Liebert, Anthropology; Brianna Mintz, Couples & Family Therapy; and Leslie Roos, Psychology.


5 Minute Blitz Winners – 

1. Chelsea Oden, Music Theory – “Cinderella’s Glass Ceiling:  Boxing, the Great Depression, and Irish-American Identity.”

2. Larissa Petrucci, Sociology – “Constructing Spaces of Support: Gender Inclusive Meetups in the Field of High Tech.”


Poster session Winners – 

1. Steve Livingston, Counseling Psychology – “The Role of Peer Racism on Ethnic Identity in Mixed Race Adolescents.”        

2. Jimena Santillán, Psychology – “Brain Function for Selective Attention in Bilingual Adults.”

3. Matthew Napolitano, Anthropology – “Time is of the Essence: Establishing Chronological Baselines for Archaeological Research in the Florida Keys.”

4. Rudy Omri, Geography – “Examining Spatiotemporal Variability of Twitter Data Representativeness.”

5. Melissa Randel, Biology – “Functional Genetic Cis-Regulatory Element Identification in Innate Immune Response.”

6. Keunyoung Lee, East Asian Languages & Literatures – “Subject Honorifics in Korean Spoken Language: A Sociopragmatic Study.”

7. Alyssa Franco, Architecture and Nicolette Stauffer, Architecture – “The Feasibility of Zero Emission Residential Design.”


Alyssa Franco and Nicolette Stauffer from Architecture also won the the People’s Choice award, a process in which participants are able to text in a code for their favorite poster.


The 6th annual forum saw more than 150 graduate students come together to present, network and compete for over $14,000 in prizes. Four themes connected the work from multiple disciplines: Science and the Social Good; Academy, Race and (In)Equality: Bridging Research and Practice; Human Rights, Development and Sustainability; and Imaginative Design, Art, and Performance.

UO grad students share fruits of research, creative work


Panel Winners – 

  • Science and the Social Good – “Water, Our Planet’s Most Precious Resource,” Thomas Ptak, geography; Pollyanna Lind, geography; Andrew Dutterer, environmental studies.
  • Human Rights, Development, and Sustainability – “Gender, Human Rights, and the Paradox of Statelessness,” Sarah Hamid, media studies; Lindsay Massara, international studies; Crystal Brown, political science.
  • Imaginative Design, Art, and Performance – “When Words Meet Music: Robert Schumann and the Different Dimensions of Musical Poetry,” Alexis Smith, German; Hui Ling Khoo, music performance; Andrew Pham, music performance.

Poster Session Winners – 

  • Annie Chiang, Lindsay Rasmussen, Ashly Tuffo, Eric Schmidt and Ryan Dirks, architecture, “An Energy Analysis of The Stellar Apartments.”
  • Katherine Chrisinger, counseling psychology, “Exploring Variability in Impulsivity and Its Relationship to Adolescent Risk Behaviors.”
  • Matthew Goslin, geography, “Carex nudata (torrent sedge): An ecosystem engineer facilitating river restoration.”
  • Jason Hubbard, psychology, “Looking for the Heart in the Brain: Neuroimaging Analyses of Life-Span Differences in Charitable Giving.”
  • Kate Karfilis, biology, “Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Regulates Cardiac Trabeculation through Bmp10.”
  • Emily Martinez, computer and information science, “Investigating the Structure of Antibody Networks.”
  • Leilani Sabzalian, critical and sociocultural studies in education, “Beyond ‘Business As Usual’: Using Critical Storytelling to Engage the Complexity of Urban Indigenous Education.”
  • Joseph Wekselblatt, biology, “Large-Scale Imaging of Cortical Dynamics During Sensory Perception and Behavior.”
  • People’s Choice: Matthew Napolitano, anthropology, “Before the Clock Runs Out: Archaeology In the Face of Erosion on St. Catherines Island, Georgia, USA.”


Friday, March 7th, EMU
2014 Forum Program

More than 100 UO graduate students came together to present, network and compete for over monetary prizes at the 5th annual Graduate Student Research Forum. Around the O recapped the 2015 Graduate Forum Poster Session with an article and video. Watch the video to sample the breadth of research being done by grad students on our campus.

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