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Thank you for joining us for the 9th annual Grad Forum!


The 2018 Grad Forum took place on Friday, May 11th, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in the EMU. This one-day event, highlighted the outstanding research of UO graduate students and included the Three Minute Thesis Competition. It drew more than 100 students from 50 plus disciplines. Graduate students presented their research through one of three presentations formats: panel discussions, poster presentations, or the Three Minute Thesis (3MT).

The Grad Forum provided them the opportunity to present their research to a non-specialist audience. Monetary prizes were awarded to the winners in the three competition areas, and are intended to support student professional development efforts. This year’s event attracted student presentations covering a range of research topics including stress and coping in humans and related species, ethics in the digital age, and how socioeconomic adversity affects brain development in children. With the addition of the fast-moving Three Minute Thesis presentations, the event was lively, interesting, and fun.

The Grad Forum provides an excellent professional development experience every year for graduate students to share their work with a broad audience of faculty, other graduate students, undergraduates, and members of the larger community.

The first Graduate Student Research Forum was first held in April 2010 in response to requests from graduate students for more opportunities for interdisciplinary intellectual exchange and networking. The Graduate School is committed to providing ongoing opportunities for our graduate students to both share some of the incredible intellectual work going on at the University, and have the chance to engage with their peers’ research. Interdisciplinary, cross-unit forums like this are an ideal setting for learning, research collaboration, and professional development.

Congratulations to all who won at the 2018 Grad Forum. We were very impressed by the depth of your research and professionalism in which you presented your research. Thanks to everyone who participated and attended the Grad Forum. See you next year!

– 2018 Grad Forum winners –

Poster winners: Daniel O’Hara, Arash Dayani, Gina Williamson, Cameron Johnson, Soheil Jamshidi, Claire Guidinger, Joscha Klueppel, Lauren Witherspoon, and Maria Schweer-Collins
People’s choice posters: Heather Leonard and Maria Schweer-Collins

3MT Final winners: Camille Cioffi, Sarah Donaldson, and Caleb Holt
People’s Choice 3MT: Camille Cioffi

Panel Winners (Oak Room):
Karikarn Chansiri, Mark Hammond, Aleksandria Perez Grabow, Kaitlin O’Brien

Panel Winners (Maple Room):
Billy Dean Goehring
Angie Michaiel
Sarah Stednitz

Congratulations to all and see you next year!


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